Retail deals for our Global Art Singapore family <3

To all our most deserving and hardworking parents and students, our family, our supporters; here we have strike deals with these retailers and vice versa, so to give you a little perk as a gift just because you are here with us , supporting us through our journey as an art school. 
Please enjoy these perks!

AAA 2020 Cablecar-3-1762x2400 2020 Dental-1697x2400 2020 Genius-R-Us-1800x2106 2020  N8-hair-studio-1751x2400 2020 Prima1-1697x2400 2020
Safra 2020QM-1697x2400 2020 RW-badminton-club-1800x2392 2020 Safra Promo 2020wings-of-time-1800x2389 2020 WT-1697x2400 2020