About Us

Global Art Singapore’s mission is to provide a stepping stone to every child, to explore their artistic nature.
Our Global Art & Creative Program is a complete and systematic program designed to encourage students of each level, to develop their artistic skills, broaden their creative thinking, and deepen their interest in art. We believe that the strength of the system lies in its emphasis not on the outcomes, but on the creative process.

Our programmes are crafted to progressively inspire learners to visualise, comprehend and compose their own subject, background, colors to bring dynamics to their finished masterpiece.

We believe that art and creative drawing have the power to enhance a child’s mental development, broaden the scope of imagination and expression, and unleash hidden creative potential. Positive experience in art also increases self-esteem, boosts confidence in problem solving, and promotes adoption of logical sequencing in the developing of ideas.

Our teachers are professionally trained to guide their students to a higher level of artistic appreciation and skill.

Our aim is to create an awareness of the importance of learning art in nurturing the intellectual potential of our students.

Vision & Mission