Olivia Lai Yan Rong

I have been sending my daughter, Olivia to Globalart Bishan for nearly 2 years, she has learnt many things over the period. Olivia joined Globalart Bishan in March 2019, she was taught the techniques to trace, to draw and to colour. Olivia participated for her 1st national competition 6 months later and won Best Performance Prize. I was very satisfied on Olivia’s progress within such a short period on Olivia’s progress and grateful for teacher’s time and best effort in guiding Olivia.

Creativity had instilled into Olivia over the period with Globalart Bishan. She becomes more creative in her art work. She has improved and enhanced drawing techniques after attending lessons with Globalart Bishan. In year 2020, Olivia won the champion prize for the national competition in Group A.

Drawing has become an important activity in Olivia’s routine. We would like to thank all the wonderful teachers who taught her in Globalart Bishan and for the great and fun learning experience in Globalart Bishan. Thank you for giving Olivia a platform to learn and to shine.

Soo Jun Fun, Olivia Lai Yan Rong