Art and Craft Courses

Art and craft courses for 4 years old and above

At Global Art we offer a series of fun educational arts and crafts courses, exploring the knowledge, techniques, Art lessons, and skill to produce decoration and multipurpose products. The art courses for beginners will not only help to learn the basics but also create a strong pillar which would be strong support for their artistic career in the near future.

From 4 years old,  Jump-start your child’s creativity with our variety of fun-filled art classes.

Drawing, using our very own method special way of coloring, cutting, pasting, painting and more interesting kids activities,  all these, sharpen each young explorative minds’ fine motor skills, improves coordination and focus, and above all can boost their self-esteem.

Affordable school holiday art classes in Singapore

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Best way to keep kids away from gadgets, Let’s Learn Art for beginners. Different Art programmes offered by Global Art in Singapore. Best Art lessons in Singapore. Art classes for June And December school holidays. Where to do interesting art classes for starters.

 G-Clay programme is our soft and bright coloured clay that is a fun medium for children to be imaginative and creative by building 3D model, here they will explore clay through many different hand-building knowledge and techniques.

Cultural programme enhance learner’s art knowledge, skills and worldview through a series of art lessons & cultural studies, with series of colouring, painting and 3D objects and characters too,  with the medium of our air dry clay.

Modeling projects awaiting learners.

June and December Holiday Workshops

How to keep your children busy on school holidays. Engaging Activities for 7 years old and above.

A 2.5 hours per class and a combination of 3D art courses for beginners, like, Visual Art is drawing and coloring drawings through various themes projects, acrylic painting is learning to paint on a canvas with a flexible and different brush techniques, and G-clay is carefully learning how to do molding, kneading and creating any of your favorite objects or characters.

3D Acrylic Clay Painting, A combination of acrylic painting,  G-clay craft, use of different art materials on a canvas, creating on unique themes like animals in the sea, animals in the sky and animals on land.

Cartoon and Comic for 7 years and above. Develop original cartoon/comic characters and strips by telling your own stories through character development, expression, and background design.

Decorative Art Courses for Children

An array of hands-on, enjoyable and useful crafts with one hour per lesson,  with flexible schedules and affordable price. From tote bag painting, button art, pebble art, paper clay, glass bottle painting, fridge or wall magnet art, quilling art, mosaic tiles and mosaic mirror art.

A Cheap with high-quality decorative crafts. A good Benefit of Art and crafts for kids. A very good diversion from after school exams that helps remove stress, a muscle relaxant and brings out joy and happiness within. Help develop imagination, self-expression and more for the kids to love arts and develop their artistic skill in them. For kids who love digging into arts and crafts projects. Developing fine motor coordination through arts and crafts.