Best Art Classes for Children’s

Visual Art programme for 3 to 4 years old

Our Junior Programme enhances learner’s knowledge and confidence by providing art classes for children activities which will develop early literacy and social skills.

Fun, enjoyable and informative art classes with creative games, puzzles and storytelling sessions. Systematic colouring technique and crafting activities from workbooks and additional learning materials like General Drawing Material, Gel Pastel and Crafting Tools. In School holiday, We also help to keep engaged from our strategies art classes for children Singapore located.

Why kids must start learn arts at a young age? Start to introduce and encourage kids with art classes. Because art appreciated at an early age helps young minds flexible thinking. Talents and skills are God-given gift but needs to be polished and developed. A teaching method that help kids explore their artistic talents and helps bring out the potentials and talents within them. An art class for children that helps develop creative and artistic skills at a faster pace. An art lesson that develop more precise and fine motor skills.

The best fun art enrichment centres in Singapore where you invest better quality education with friendly, loving, understanding, patient and well-trained art teachers. Our teachers are professionally trained to guide their students to a higher level of artistic appreciation and skill. Global Art also provides fun art classes for children to increase their knowledge about art from different way.

Visual Art and Creative Courses for ages 4 to and above years old

A multidisciplinary based art education with the aim to enhance children’s learning abilities & creativity. Our modules enable students to imagine, think & analyse within the system to progress creatively & intelligently.

Simple drawings through various themes projects through observation. Simple toning of colours with the introduction to special colouring effects and mix-mediumslike Coloured Pencils, Neon Coloured Pencils and Oil Pastels.

The best art class for kids Singapore based that helps improve or enhance art skills. Our instructors are all trained to handle each programmes offered to each individual with potentials or even without.

Our centres are a very friendly environment and conducive for young learners or even for beginners. Teaching methods is non-traditional, a one on one teaching method that focuses more of individual’s pace, needs and skills.

 Best Visual Art classes for 7 years old and above in Singapore

A series of progressive, fun and creative drawing lessons, learners will be inspired to develop their pencilling skills and personal style. Exploring multiple subjects through observation drawing ‘technique’ using lines, shapes, grids and perspective drawings. By attaining the theoretical and practical knowledge in drawing, this course serves a great way for learners to build confidence in drawing and a step further to improve their drawing skills.

Learning Points:

  • Lines, geometrical and organic shapes expressions
  • Transforming 2D to 3D drawing
  • Drawing through observation/references
  • Parallel and reflective lines drawing
  • Mediums Used: Pencil, Coloured Pencil

Introduction to creative drawing, using subjects of fruits & animals students will explore a series of story-based themes to create their very own original illustrations.

Using a variety of creative steps, techniques, and skills to register and expand ideas, composition, drawing and colouring using Coloured Pencil, Oil Pastels and Fluorescent Oil Pastels

The best resource that has all the information your child needs to learn all the different advanced techniques that help your kids practice to build and develop your child’s art skills. Skills gained when you learn Global art programmes: creativity, critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication, confidence, and dedication

Why learn art? Why is Art important?

Art Classes for children is important to their life. Art improves creativity skills, it gives us happiness and appreciation, it helps depression and lessen mental and emotional strain, art gives confidence, art helps you do well in school academics, art helps you communicate visually, art helps you to express emotions and art is a language for those with or without special needs.