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Drawing and Painting Classes for Kids

Looking for drawing and painting classes for kids age of 10 years old and above in Singapore. Introduction to Intermediate drawing classes, using human facials ad figures expressions students will explore a series of human activities based themes to create their very own original illustrations and posters.

Using a variety of steps, techniques, and skills to register and expand ideas, composition, drawing classes for kids, coloring in reinforcing and establishing knowledge & skill applications. Using a mixing medium like Colour Pencils, Neon colour pencils, Oil Pastels, and Poster Colour.

The best centre or school for art tutorials because Global art has an international Systematic Enrichment art and creativity modules. Also, the largest chain of art and creativity centres in the world with creative, innovative and effective learning methodology.

Advanced Drawing and Painting classes/Lesson for Kids

At Globalart, Lesson has also include advance Drawing and Painting classes for 13  years old and above. Explore a series of Visualisation Skills through the study of Composition, Sketching, Drawing, and Shading technique in our creative drawing classes for Kids, Followed by the studying of Painting & Colouring techniques using water-based mediums in our Creative Painting classes in Singapore. With both studied, create expressive poster illustrations using various composition studies and subjects in our Creative Illustration course.

Drawing through the exploration of lines, shapes, forms & perspective drawing, simple composition drawings using a variety of strokes and shading with tones.

Multiple Graded Pencils, Watercolour, Oil Pastels, Poster Colour

Art is life, Art is not always associated with art pieces but the values and importance we gained in learning an art and what art has given us in our daily life. Like the patience and focus, we obtained while doing our artworks. The value of Appreciation of nature and all the objects that surround us. From observing to admiring then to decorating the simplest things we have like in our home, school, office or even at work.

Above all things, art helps us carry throughout our lives the values we gained when we grow older to be more innovative in work, creative in our thinking to solve problems and can artistically compose stories if soon to be a book author or writer and can easily visualize situations.

Kids Art Classes at Globalart

At age 3 Global Art helps accelerate your child’s learning.

Art classes for Kids multidisciplinary based art education boost learner’s knowledge, skills and creativity.

Modules allow students to envision, conceptualise, analyse within the system to develop certainty providing activities will advance to social skills and early literacy.

Kids art classes are dynamic, enjoyable and creative drawing lessons for kids, kids will be inspired to develop their drawing skills and personal approach and style. Exploring various subjects through observation drawing ‘technique’ using different types of lines, organic shapes, grid of ratio and perspective drawings gaining theoretical, practical ability and will master to Visualise, Compose, Sketch, Draw, and Shade in our Creative Drawing Lessons for kids.

Kids art classes assists in cartoon drawing, comic drawing, poster and illustration drawing, Water colour Painting, acrylic painting, poster painting, 3D painting, brush strokes and palette knife techniques, Creative Illustration programme, Fun arts and craft activities.