Global Art Singapore

Global Art is the top leading brand for variety of art courses in Singapore.

Famous art classes in Singapore only at Global Art are visual art and creative courses that accelerate the child’s artistic skills in drawing and coloring from as young as 3 years old to 16 years old through our art courses. Art classes in Singapore uses systematic coloring techniques and art crafting, the modules allow kids to develop creativity and logically.

SG art classes include fun art workshops and handicrafts activities, cartoon and comic drawing, acrylic painting on canvas, clay moulding that creates their own favourite character, theme and special cultural themes.

SG art classes like Sketching courses, drawing programme, water painting and poster painting in our creative painting course using their original composition and subjects in our creative illustration art programme. Art courses in Singapore offers variety of art lessons that best suits the learners interest and gives a variety of benefits to global art students like Wider spectrum of thought, Enhance learning discipline, Self – confidence, self – Achievement, self – Expression, Problem solving skills, Communication skills, perseverance, dedication and Enhance academic potential.

All art lessons are made sure are Fun, enjoyable and informative art activities with creative games, puzzles and storytelling sessions. Art activities enable students to imagine, think & analyse within the system to progress creatively & intelligently. A succession of developing, imaginative and creative drawing lessons, students will master penciling skills and personal style, exploring multiple topics through recognizing drawing ‘techniqueusing lines, shapes, grids and view point drawings. By accomplishing the logical and constructive knowledge in art , this course provides an immense style to shape determination and a stepping stone to  further to improve their artistic skills.