Acrylic Painting

Painting class in Singapore suitable for age 7 and above. Best Painting courses in Singapore.Affordable painting classes in Singapore.

How to do acrylic painting on a canvas. Painting on a canvas. Here in Global Art with or without artistic potentials, will make you love art.

Welcome to the wonderful world of acrylic painting, explore & learn the very versatile method of painting with a variety of brush strokes. Here in Global art, we teach all the different brush strokes techniques.

Techniques for paint application. The good thing about acrylic paint is it can look different depending on how you apply them. It is best to explore and experiment with the acrylic paints. At Global Art we teach the different painting strokes using our very own non-toxic paints. With the very main objective is to learn on how to take control of the tools used in painting like the paint and brush and become a skillfulpainter at the end of each programme.

Techniques the children will learn are drybrush painting technique is when you put an amount of thick paint brushed lightly on the dry surface of the canvas. Another is, flat wash plus blending techniques. Colours are blended from dark, medium to light. Scumbling Painting Technique is applied with circular motion of the brush but the effect can also be dine in steaks, dabs and smudges. Stippling Painting Technique is the brush technique that uses small dots or scattered brush marks to create colours, tones and textures. Can use a flat brush, bigger brush and let the bristles make the dots. Also , Crosshatching Painting technique is a brushstroke to create a web of colours. It is like making an x patterns with one colour. And many more, layering to create texture, grading or fading, broad brush strokes, and free hand paint strokes. By the end of the programme, you’ll discover your most favourite stroke technique and will get comfortable with it and will be using the best one all the time and for sure will be very expert.

An after school activity or hobby you can enhance.